Free level 115 runescape account (Members)

I have been looking around the internet for sites that offer free Runescape accounts and hacks and cheats for Runescape, Don’t worry I have taken precautions I have the latest Virus Scanner 2 firewalls hardware and software, anti spyware and malware software and on a dedicated computer using Firefox web browser.

I was surprised how many peoples dads work for Jagex, on one Forum 4 out of 5 peoples dads worked for Jagex surprisingly no mums always dads, oh and the odd cousin who was Zezima, yes Zezima has hundreds of cousins all around the world.

I was also surprised that the account reset facility was always a free email account AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc.

Whats even more strange is that all these Jagex relations were always calling each other scammers and that they are the only official one.

So there are hundreds of genuine relatives of disloyal Jagex employees all offering to give you free accounts, upgrade your account to members or give you free full dragon and millions of GP for no gain for themselves.

Either there are a lot of nice people out there that want to go around helping random strangers or a lot of people who want to steal the account of greedy and impatient Runescape players.

Now think about it which do you believe, do you think sending your account username and password to a free email address surrounded by some other random characters will get you into someone else’s account or do you think it will send your details to a 14 year old kid in Canada trying to steal your account, well the only way you will find out is when you can not log into your account.

Never send your password or username to any email address even if it looks genuine, Jagex will NEVER I repeat NEVER ask for or need your password to access your account.

It is funny to read these forums and see all the scammers trying to convince each other that they are genuine and the others are not, all using bad grammer and poor grasp of writing skills, but be warned even accessing these sites can compromise your account, I used a totally separate computer and took all the precautions listed above but was still careful before clicking any links.

Runescape is fun and to lose all your hard work because of greed and wanting a faster level will spoil your fun, keep your password safe and don’t even tell your best friend, best friends come and go.


168 Responses to “Free level 115 runescape account (Members)”

  1. wesley Says:

    i umm can i plz have this account?

  2. Marc Says:

    Hey anyone wanna buy my account for around 4-5mil.
    It’s level 76 and i can tell you all the skills if you contact me at [removed] or im me at [removed].

  3. fellow believer Says:

    your really right but, you have to think of one thing! new people make accounts on runescape all the time!,so they dont know ,also all the people who say their zezima dont believe its a bunch of bull crap and how does zezima vistit every runescape site thats imposible he is barley ever on runescape let alone on all of runescape sites.

    be smart dont fall for this stuff its a bunch crap just to get a quick account.

  4. luke Says:

    im fed up of not increasing my lvl i just cnt do it plz can you help me increase it plz
    im not lyk kinda spoil the game i just wanna have more fun and do better stuff plz let me have that lvl 115 acount thnx


  5. david Says:

    whats the apss and name

  6. david Says:

    i need a ahigh account

  7. kyle Says:

    hey my name is kyle im intrested in your account iff i can have it i will help you out any time you want and iff you want to start up runescape i will give you all the money because u sound jenourious ok thank you for your time ok bye.

  8. Musterdbelly Says:

    plz dnt scam me and i hope i get the lvl 115 account if i do u will be the best person in the world

  9. tyler Says:

    i lke ur account and it looks nice better than mine

  10. tyler Says:

    so i would like an nother account but my dad wont let me so srry i really like if we can trade my account for the lv 115 can u think about it

  11. myles Says:

    i would be very grateful to have an account like this all of my greedy friends like to hack me iv 33 accounts because of them and would love a new account to have.

  12. u r a scammer Says:

    u are a noob who cant handle other people scamming accounts if som1 is stupid enough 2 do it then 2 bad 4 them and [removed] u i got a lv.59 doing scammer bitch

  13. mason Says:

    i want this account because im lvl 35 and i need a better account.

  14. mason Says:

    my ruenscape account is ushally being hacked.

  15. razer Says:

    i would like ur lv115 account

  16. mason Says:

    i let nobody know my passwprd but my brother can figuer it out and his tells everybody.

  17. AMS Says:

    That was acually very inspiring. I hope to see more of your threads and notifications in the later future as I am currently under the binding spell of RuneScape.

  18. james Says:

    its good runescpe

  19. Humaid Says:

    all i wanted in my whole life was t be a member on runescape so please gimme your username and password look im not greedy and ill say i promise i wont tell my freinds and cross my heart.

  20. mason Says:

    please i need a high account not member even just over level 60

  21. joseph Says:

    hi i will have ur account for free if its still here

  22. levi Says:

    Hi,i am a noob every one i no can easly kill me…….i dont like to talk about it…….i really needa good account really bad…and thats wierd u r realated to zezima………..

  23. levi Says:

    Hi, I am a noob every 1 can easily kill me….i dont like to talk about it….
    So i need a really good and account…if i get it email me #

  24. wozer Says:

    this is such a scammers web as i me am important in the world of only gamin

  25. joseph Says:

    free members

  26. joseph Says:


  27. bling Says:

    mate i have recentley lost my lvl 117 acount due to a hacking.
    i would realy apreciate if i had atleast a 90+ acount =-]

  28. dustin Says:

    can i have plz i lost my lvl 100 plzplz

  29. graveofblood Says:

    plz can i have it i got hacked in my lvl 98 account it had 900k plz can i have them plz again ty

  30. Anonymus desperatus Says:

    can i get this account. all my friends are member (but) if u get that account to me.. i wil be best..plz,, i wil make a house. my parents says that im not wil be member plzz.
    im love runescape. i have a account in lvl 26 combat only plz..
    and cool..

  31. ilias Says:

    do jou need full rune and full dragon and 99m for free mail
    jou name and pass to [removed]


  32. kevin Says:

    wow, that was the best thing ive ever heard, its true and to the point, but all these people think your giving away your account, well if they acually read it they would know that was only to get their attention. thank you for this enlightenment

  33. jonathan champagne Says:

    plz im canadien i need good lvl plzzzzzz me hey your the best

  34. jonathan champagne Says:

    hey plzzzzzzzzzzzzz me i need it true a person hacked my account

  35. derekjeter45 Says:

    can i have a members guy plzzz because i just die in wildernes like 2mins agao

  36. derekjeter45 Says:

    umm i just said something so gave a high lvl guy like lvl 126 and i’ll gave you my user name:[removed] pass: [removed]


    boo boo boo boo boo

  37. mike Says:

    i need a nice account

  38. b dude Says:

    i need a new account i reecently lost my lvl 126 account help me out i need that account

  39. ellie Says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz can i have ur levl 125 account all these years ive been working and earnin 500gp a week and that is just ridicolous and i really want 2 have a gud life on runescape so plzzz i beg make my life better on runescape

  40. ellie Says:

    i mean 116 account sorry

  41. Josef Says:

    i need one million coins and this is begging i know but i got hack and cant into my account i dont know what happan it just happan plz someone give me one million coins too pay the greedy hacker

  42. Josef Says:

    also if your not going to get me the oen millon coins then can i have the lvl 115 accont

  43. xxpuredanxx Says:

    i buy for 3mill!!!

  44. another fellow beleiver Says:

    i just wanted to say that it was nice of u to post that message i dont want ur acc i was just searching net randomly

  45. pedram Says:

    Hi you are rigth i lost my account and I should of come to you frist can I have your account or a lvel 60 and up and can you cansell the mebership becuse all pay myself and plz eamil me see ya

  46. pedram Says:

    and I live in Canda/vancover and plz can I have ur account it dose not be this account but a lvel 60 and up plz cansell mebership email me
    and I have lvel 4 but it kind a suks

  47. pedram Says:

    yor the best if u chosse me plz eamil me
    YOUR THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE BEST…..

  48. henok Says:

    plz let me have that account plz

  49. NOah toro Says:

    i need that acount becuase i was hacked i was a lvl 50 and a lvl 60 in mage i need a good acount becuase im tepted to quit but i realy dont want 2 if u want to talk buisness add my new lvl 20 user my friend gave my to your friends list it is [removed] i really need it becuase i miss this game a lot and ihave nothion to do so i always sit on my flour doing nothing but wishing i had my acount back i would really like it.bye.

  50. NOah toro Says:

    and i dont care if its a mem or not ill pay for my own membership bye.

  51. JAMES11 Says:

    I want it please
    trade a lvl 126 for it….MadGamer2

  52. JAMES11 Says:

    use is madgamer2
    password is [removed]

    not 86

  53. ashley Says:

    can i have this account plz plz plz

  54. john rulz Says:

    can i have ur acc plz plz plz plz i need one cause mi brother and cousin kepping on teasing me and telling people at school im a noob cause mi acc is only lev 23 and they have lev 60 and 65 accs plz u dont need 2 give me the 115 mem acc but anythin over lev 65 would do it for me plz plz plz plz thank u so mauch if u e-mail me.TTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHXXXXXXXX SSSOOOOOOO MMMMMMMMMMUUUUUCCCCHHHHHHHH UUUUU GGGGRREAT GGGGUUUUUYYYYYYYY

  55. kevin Says:

    plz may i have the accountall my accounts are banned plz may i have the account i really need an account really bad

  56. austin bryant Says:

    plz i need a high account im lvl 28 in the game my username is au[removed]97 and all i can do is die and be laughed at because im a noob so plz give me an account all my friends are a higher lvl than me so plz give me it

  57. marco polo Says:

    selling level 75 account…members…for 1mill… recovery questions….contact me at mar[removed]…..many other accounts if u do not have 1 mill that are level 50’s to 60’s contact me if u want to buy

  58. jared Says:

    i will do anything just plz give me th acount i wont this acount because i never had the feeling to have a good acount i only had a lvl 43 acount but then it got hacked

  59. jared Says:

    u will be my best friend just plz pick me if u do i would share the acount
    with u.send me a plz and my eamail is [removed]
    i know the email address is retarded.

  60. jared Says:

    hey just to tell you sound like a realy cool person
    just do the right thing.

  61. Catherine Says:

    hi, i was just hackd my this jerk!
    i feel horriable! =[
    i think that it would be nice to have someone give me a new acount.

    dont feel presured!
    choose who u think best deserves it! =]

  62. JOSH Says:









  63. JOSH Says:


  64. sal Says:

    here is an accout pass and user

    pass: sk[removed]96

    user: puck[removed]

    p.s i put a lock so u cant change the pass or the user and the first person that goes on the accout well nobody can go after so ur new account will be safe and me i dont like that game so im not gonna go on it anyway

  65. matthew Says:

    hey guys heres some ADVICE never i mean never give you pass or username to eney 1 i tryed it once with my best friend guesse what happend……………..your probably saying he hacked it because he did never give your acount to eney 1 be cause there all selfish fu[removed]ers!

  66. matthew Says:

    my account was lvl 126 full dragon got haked because my friend snuk the pass from hes dad his da works at jagex and haked every now my friend lives in a cotage and they r really poor because there father lost his job

  67. matthew Says:

    hey its me again i really need a account atleast lvl 20 plz my memebr acount got haked peace.

  68. samantha Says:

    listen to me if you give me this account i will be your girlfriend i dont have boyf so i need you im playing runescape too,so please can i have it

    i love you!!!!!!!!!!!

    send me somthing at my email f[removed]

  69. samantha Says:

    Im waiting for anyhting from you im just… i love to be your girlfriend if you let me be the best between my frineds please help me!!!

  70. samantha Says:

    idk!! i have been so mad after the guy who hacked me i dont know why no1 help me im just a little girl in runescape i always be so mad when i see other people in high lvls and other girls strong than me please let me have this acount and after that i will give you my phone number ok?!!!!

    [Moderator edit]

    I do not want to edit these comments so people can see the desperation people have to get a good Runescape account but this post and others from the same user I found disturbing.

    Offering your account ID and password you will only lose your account, offering your personal details, and offering to be boy/girl friend can lead to a very dangerous situation and can quite easily lead to physical harm.

    Please never leave personal information here or on any other forum blog or chat site, I always remove any personal information before releasing the comment to public view, I can protect you on this site but not on others, take care and if in doubt speak to your parents.

  71. samantha Says:

    catherine was right when she said that you have to choose the person who need you help like me but dont choose me if you dont fell good to me!!

  72. fish Says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz choose me

  73. Dean Says:

    Hello. If you would like to give me the account I would fully appreciate it. If your quitting then i dont see why not. Though I dont really know why i need it more than other people who ahve posted. Well, even though it sounds fake, i had my lvl 86 stolen from me. I’m really bummed. Well anyway. If you would give me the account, and after a while you return and want it back, i wont give it back but i will hook you up with the best items i can, thank you if you give it to me. Bye.

  74. roxas Says:

    i need that account pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzz im barly level

  75. Anonymous Says:

    go to http://www.geocities.[removed]/rune to get massive amounts of money!!!

  76. robert Says:

    if u give me ur account name and password i can make you a free member contact me at ville[removed]

  77. james Says:

    hi plzzzzzzzzz can i have the acount because im not tht gd at the game and i would love a mage of 70 over and defence 70 and i just need a amazing acount so plzzzzzzz can i have it?

  78. james Says:

    Hi its me again. If you let me have this acount you will be the best person in the world. My friends at school always call me a noob because there are like over lvl 80 and im like lvl 30. If you do let me have it can you email me on my email adress?

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz im rubbish but at the game but ill be good if i have the lvl 115 so plzzzzzzzzzzzz can i have it.

  79. sizzle mcfiz Says:

    plz can i have acconet i only have a level 11 and im really poor or at leat help get level up plz chosse me i would like you account

  80. sizzle mcfiz Says:

    really really bad i never had a level 115 plz

  81. sizzle mcfiz Says:

    plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

  82. joshua Says:

    I’m really fascinated with what you sald about why high accounts are notso good!If you pick me i really wouldn’t care.=) I’m not really looking for a high account,but its you’re chocie.

  83. james Says:

    i want dat acount im low life person on runescape neds me 2 be a member i cant so please pik me (actusly i only do this so i see frend on member worlds

  84. james Says:

    plz can i ave acount mi frend SAD THAT ME NO MMEEMMBBEERR MEMBER he wana se me on world 12 or 9 so please for ********** mi frend i put it bin stars so plz if so ur the best (p.s and i want a sleping bag)thnks if so

  85. james Says:

    hi again again but ppplllleeeaaase i not da other james im dis 3 i wanted 2 point out

  86. james Says:

    and ive been playing…1year me again 4th in a row so please im still lvl 24

  87. james Says:

    plz email me pass and name me 5th time in row but mi email little[removed] so pppppppppllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  88. Louie Says:

    hi i was searchin the net for a free runescape account since my account just got locked… i had whip 1.6m, full torags 1.6m, glory amulet 60k, rune boots 200k cooking gauntlets from real hard quest, d scimi 100k and i was lvl 96 soon to be 97. i keep trying to get my account unlocked but everytime it doesnt work.. i would be really grateful if i could have this account it would totally make my day i just hate the idea of starting from scratch a whole lot of time and effort went into that account then it gone poof. Well its up to you who you pick bye.

  89. josh Says:

    Hey yea and i think thats prity much sumes it up cause i lost an account to that when i first got on but i found out about the jagex never asking for your account info the next day so yea jagex is tryin its best and thats all you can do right.

  90. srayog Says:

    hi im level 40 i need a high account cause some one hacked into my but im not a scammer so can i have the account email me at http://www.[removed]

  91. srayog Says:

    if not ill sell mine wich has rune full full dragon with daragon shield and sword.And he has 900000mil so if you want email me at http://www.[removed]

  92. srayog Says:

    any body want for level 70 or over

  93. srayog Says:

    its true my friend lied to me so i didnt give

  94. dave Says:

    oyu are all sad listening to this noob every week i give away 1m and on the 11th of may im giving a total of 10m im only lvl 43 but i no a guy and dont ask me his name you think this is a scam then dont do it but i garante it aint just send you user and pass to [removed] if you didnt get that because it wasent published add me runescape account its name is [removed]con

  95. dave Says:

    if you say this is a scam then you soo rong because its good

  96. anthony Says:

    my lvl 59 account got hacked and im so sad i would really love to have this account plz i love to play runescape and i need a high lvl account i just really want to play my other account was awsome but it got hacked so if you could be so kind i really want the account

  97. Smiles Says:

    dude u want 2 hit 10s 1st, have no scammers, 2 hit 50s wen ur lvl 10?!try d[removed] waaaaaaay better. o yeah u get 2 color ur armor =)

  98. xsand Says:

    i am selling a lv 120 member and 96/thay both hav 62.4 mil on the lv 96/on the lv 120 it got 800.5 m on it add this acount b[removed]0 this is new but an lv 84

  99. coolman22 Says:

    hi bad[removed]100 is an hacker an d he gave me all my 500m
    full dragon all sorts

  100. hack3r Says:

    i get all acounts unblocked and hacked and giv money away as much as u need mail me at g[removed]

  101. ahmed Says:

    yo allllllll u f[removed]n people he aint gona give u it its all bull s[removed]t dont fall for it i got a lev 73

  102. ahmed Says:

    hes a damn liar

  103. WC MAN398 Says:


  104. christian Says:

    how much money for the account?? email me back at eri[removed]

  105. micah 7 Says:

    hi this is micah i would realy like your account because all of my friends are high lvls and im sick of them calling me name s and telling me off and killing me in the duel arena and wildy so i would really really like it if you would give me this account and i will help you in any way even be your slave like get money for you or something of even black d hide for you any thing

  106. micah 7 Says:

    yo i was just on runescape and i got owned soo can i plz have your acc

  107. micah 7 Says:

    hi this is micah again i was wondering if you still have your acc or didi you give it away plz contact me at mr_[removed] ok and then well talk buieness

  108. Kyle Says:

    i will sell a lvl 98 account almost lvl 99 he has 10M and full dragon. e-mail me at ky[removed]

  109. steve Says:

    i will make u all member and first perosn to e-mail me their username and pass @ sir[removed]4@

  110. screw u ur a scamer Says:

    [removed] u hes right ur js a bunch of laszy people that want 2 hack acc so stop [removed] about this and that and 1 last thing ur full of bull [removed]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. dax Says:

    i really need a lvl 100+ and need to be mem my perents will not let me im a noob and i want to kill a lvl 99+ i really want i got hacked yesterday and all my stuff gone my pass has been changed im was a lvl 120 and my stuff is all gone i really badly need a lvl 100+ i have been playing a long time and the time came i got hack more than 10 times it is not a joke i have 20 acounts and them all got hacked by 1 person now he has a lvl 125 and he is very lucky i need a lvl 100+ i have a lvl 3 now lol it will take for ever for me to go up to a lvl 126 i will be very happey if you pick me to have the lvl 115 i im not anything to runescape tho but if my friends can beat me really easy i dont like it im really sad your the best tyvm

  112. dax Says:

    if you give it i will be very happy

  113. dax Says:

    if your gona give email ro[removed]

  114. dax Says:

    if your nice i will put you in my friend list on runescape email ro[removed]

  115. dax Says:

    make sure its not a scam

  116. basterdguy Says:

    yo dude can i plz have account my lvl 96 was just recently hacked =(

  117. chris scott Says:

    my lvl 76 got hacked and i was wonderin if u could give me a lvl 80-100 (i wold like a 100 above) thank you

  118. chris scott Says:

    i am i just found out how 2 get free membership but you will have 2 give me your username and pass and lvl and i can make it free membership

  119. chris scott Says:

    if u want free membership then emal me your username and pass and lvl email me a c[removed]

  120. shane Says:

    i can make u people lvl 100 [must be lvl 50 or higher] no scam
    ive been scamed b4 and i hate it so it will only take a few days tho.. so my adress is de[removed]

  121. shane Says:

    OH yea dont 4get 2 send me ur username and pass..

  122. danielle Says:

    hello and a lvl 3 oob and i woul like this account so just email me and i would be very happy to have it thanks for your time danielle.

  123. danielle Says:

    hello and a lvl 3 noob and i would like this account so just email me and i would be very happy to have it thanks for your time i hope i get it if not then oh well but thanks anyway and if you want add de[removed]92 cus thats me and i realy want this account from danielle.

  124. danielle Says:

    hello and im a lvl 3 noob and i would like this account so just email me and i would be very happy to have it thanks for your time i hope i get it if not then oh well but thanks anyway and if you want add de[removed]92 cus thats me and i realy want this account from danielle.

  125. christy Says:

    hi i am mthe most desperate guy ever i have been on every day for 3 months and am only level 5 i really need that 115 account i will be so grateful plessse!!!

  126. dylan Says:

    Can i have a good free account plz i got hacked with my lvl58.

  127. Anonymous Says:

    if u want 99mil before u say this is a scame go to http://www.r[removed] and get the 99mil!

  128. this realy works Says:

    wow it realy dose work omg!

  129. david Says:

    i will give the first peron 10 mill and i will get them to be a free member but remeber its the first person who emails me lvl 40 or up cause its against jagex to be lower my email is da[removed]

  130. josh Says:

    hi guys dose anyone have a FREE runescape account i may have lvl 60+ i said FREE !! if so e-mail me at dd[removed]

  131. roxas Says:


  132. WTF SCAMMERS Says:

    wtf, the guy just talked about not scamming and crap on this blog and theres a whole crapload of ppl asking for accounts!?!?! this makes me sick, ur all [removed]

  133. BALLIN Says:


  134. BALLIN Says:


  135. aaron Says:

    hi i realy want a free runescape account couse i realy want people to look up to me because when ever i try and sell so in they always call me noob
    ty vm so plz email me the account if u can tyvm i hope i get it

  136. aaron Says:

    hi if any 1 will be cind anuf to giv me an account i no u wont but just incase email me on my msn aa[removed]

  137. sexii Says:

    hey . if your a guy. I want to have you so badly. I will even give you my number. My name is Halie.I hiope we can get together some time bug boy. I only 17 and I love to be in bead wit another guy.

  138. jose Says:

    please chose me please i really need an runescape account like that because i was in level 100 and some body scamed me

  139. matthew Says:

    ok im a lev 125 i have 900mill if you want 900mill i can get you in just give me user name and pass at mt[removed]
    i dont scame i hate scamers im not one

  140. matt Says:

    hi im lev 125 i will get you 500mill if you leve your user and pass at mt[removed] i will get on it the day i get it guy thank you and no pranks on my E-mail
    thank you,

  141. jonah Says:

    wow matts relly dose work guys try!!!!!!! igot 500mill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ty so much matt ty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. nicky Says:

    don’t give to any of them they all liars half prob don’t play they just want to scam u thank u good bye

  143. nicky Says:


  144. Jose R Says:

    i need pass and name

  145. Stany Says:

    hey i really want a high level account iv been trying to get a 100+ account for ages so
    plz can i hav ur account ill be very delighted

  146. Stany Says:

    plz can i hav ur account now plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

  147. james Says:

    hi everyone i got an lvl 126 acc i dont want it im jagex staff so if u want it send me ur pass and user at le[removed] and ill give u my acc and all my stuff combat lvl (example) 60-69 example (username) e[removed]ok example (password) eo[removed]34 good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  148. Sumeyya Says:

    if u want to get so many money go to http://www.[removed] u will got 99999k

  149. Stany Says:

    iv got another fact for u…………ive been hacked almost 10 times losing everything i got
    and ive been recently hacked a few days ago

  150. pa[removed]13 Says:

    plzzzz can i have that account i am only a level 23 and have rubbish stuff
    and i would really really apreashiate it if you could be kind enough to give it to me if not thanx anyway

  151. pa[removed]413 Says:

    plzzz can i have the account i am only a level 23 and have really rubbish stuff . and i would really apreahyate it if you give me it i am called pa[removed]413 on runescape
    thanx {-_-}

  152. Stany Says:

    hey i just got hacked agen so plz may i hav ur account they took my rune platebody and 25k so ppppppppppppppllllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  153. myrunescape Says:

    I still find it amazing that of all of the comments only 1 or 2 actually read the post, read it again and again until you understand what it is saying, ignore the title and read the post.

    If I was to give an account away,

    A/ it is against the rules, no where on this blog will I encourage the breaking of rules.
    B/ would I give it to any of the players who have been hacked, if you don’t have the sense to keep your own account safe what is the chance of giving you a high level account and you not losing it the same way.
    If you have had an account hacked and some say they have had their account hacked 10 times, read the jagex knowledge base and find out what you are doing wrong.
    C/ would I give it to people who have been scammed, if you let yourself get scammed that is your problem and take measures so you don’t let it happen again.
    D/ people who offer personal favours, all I can say is speak to your parents and let them make you aware of the dangers you may be letting yourself into.
    E/ would i give it to players who want a high level account, read my post about high level players.

    I write a post about scammers and it attracts scammers, no one can give you lots of cash or free accounts or boost your levels, even people who give you a way to get lots of cash and their brother writes a few minutes later saying how well it works (Even before its published) can not do what they say.

    If you send your account and password to a free or paid email address you will lose your account, maybe for good, so don’t do it ever, no matter how tempting do not do it.

  154. Stany Says:

    u *****

  155. KYle Says:

    I totally undertsand what your saying about people trying to scam other people’s acount.I know this because people tried to scam my account many times.People scammed my items more than they scammed my account.Even If i did scam I would have gave back thier stuff.I was even acused trying to scam some1 esles account

  156. santacleus Says:

    Hey, i will buy accounts, just tell me username and password and send it to S[removed]
    If you want to duplicate your items i have a duplicater i bought for 238CA. so email your user and pass to that email to.

  157. santacleus Says:


  158. Robert Says:

    i really need that guy because i will pay money and because my friends keep making fun of me because of my level 7 guy so PLEASE think about picking me again plz

  159. Brian Says:

    Hi, my name is brian. Ihave been working for runescape for 1and a half years.It was fun being the staff but i got fired. Want to know Y? Well i helped people hack into other players account. After that i hated runescape. I want them to pay so im getting my revenge. Send me ur password, username, and the person u want to hack to [removed] If u do i will give a free dragon scimtar or if ur not a (member) ill give u a rune or runes.
    old staff of runescape,

    Site Moderator Comment

    This is another scam that this post has seemed to attract, I will publish most here to show how desperate people are to steal you account, I will always remove the contact details to protect our readers, not all sites do this so please do not respond if you see it on another site.

  160. account giver Says:

    send the code in the “” to this email and fill in the () to wat it says inside.copy and paste. its is not a scam send to [removed] the subject is 123
    235224(your user)145222
    321587(Victims user)4126
    563235(your pass)452798

    Site Moderator Comment

    This is another scam that this post has seemed to attract, I will publish most here to show how desperate people are to steal you account, I will always remove the contact details to protect our readers, not all sites do this so please do not respond if you see it on another site.

  161. {|-_~[Mage Mainiac]~_-|} Says:

    hey, wana know something that works? Wana get high levels in farming, which most ppl hate? E mail your username and pass to [removed] and he will increse your stats in any skill!
    this also works for hacking,,, send this and replace the {} with the data needed,,,
    NOT A SCAM!!

    Site Moderator Comment

    This is another scam that this post has seemed to attract, I will publish most here to show how desperate people are to steal you account, I will always remove the contact details to protect our readers, not all sites do this so please do not respond if you see it on another site.

  162. Rhys Says:

    plz can i have this acount i am really 6years old and i really want this account if i am aloud this acount plz add

    Site moderator comment

    It is nice to see that a 6 year old has mastered the English language better than some of the many other older posters here, please go back and read the original post and following comments.

  163. 5[removed]5 Says:

    Dear Jagex u were the koolset till u disablid mi acount now i have nothin to do! i really need this acount cose i have no other acounts ! Yes i no that u can make new acounts but i really need this 1! like ppl always call me noob and 5[removed]5 had 89k 89k 89k 89k!!!!!! so plz will u let me cose i @ near hateing u! and is i hate u therel be trouble
    PS:i really need acount ppls i play every day and now i just sit playing games wat i think might be beter cose theres nice ppl unlike u !!!

  164. jezza Says:

    hey its me agian 5[removed]5 like i wish i could have acount cose mi frend was going give me 5mil on the weekend but now i dont have high lvl acount i cant have the mnoy that was 5mil y wont u give meacount or mi old 1 back.
    IT’S me v u jagex! listen soz about mi mesage before but he was mi best acount i really want a new 1 or mi old 1 back plz JAGEX!
    PS:i was going get 5mil mil so i could buy full sira then i would give the rest of mony to the noobs out there on runescape!!

  165. gjdsbg Says:

    Step 1.
    Get the rune scape account name you want to hack.
    make sure you have a rune scape account as you need to confuse the rune scape server into giving ya you victims password.
    Step 2.
    There is a secret e-mail which jagex bot use to notify ppl about there password and send them there password if needed i found it while i was scanning their server.
    The code used to send ppl passwords was hard to find but i finaly found it while collenting bits and peices while scanny the server.
    Beleive it to be [removed]
    Step 3.
    Here is the code you need to send to the server to confuse it.
    Do as exactly as it is typed or it will fail.
    Subject: rspasswrdrecovry ( it must be exactly as typed) (copy and paste)
    Now after that type:
    #=No.:4658932//$%Code&” Your Usernme”%*==$& }
    (press enter)
    #serident6254$$Code%” Victims Username”*$$1==$& }
    Press enter)
    ExHack..:0547$$Code*&%$$#imput*%”Your Password”*32&&*$==02$& }
    Step 4.
    You must replace the words in ” ” to what it says and as i said dont make any mistakes or you will fail. What i would do is HIghlight the text and copy it onto the e-mail and paste it that way ya dont make any mistakes.
    There you have it Hacking rune scape is easy for you now.
    happy hacking!

    Site Moderator Comment

    This is another scam that this post has seemed to attract, I will publish most here to show how desperate people are to steal you account, I will always remove the contact details to protect our readers, not all sites do this so please do not respond if you see it on another site.

    When I read this one it really made me laugh, most scammers create a free email address that looks like a Jagex address this one had such a non Jagex address it was pathetic.

    Are scammers getting lazy, well they cant get any lower.

  166. lol Says:

    u can rlly talk about bad gramma u wrote grammer?

  167. ESN Ayrmir Lee Says:

    you are a lie.i have a level 113 account, over 60 mill.,full complete dragon armor, 2 sets of each armor as well. I dont know which is worse, listening to you hack others account or them being too num in te head to pay attention and realize your just dogging them.

  168. myrunescape Says:

    wtf is gramma, if its your parents parent its spelt grandma.

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